Loop & Patch Handle Bag Making Machine

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Patch Bag


Loop & Patch Handle Bag Making Machine

Specification for Loop & Patch Handle bag Making Machine
(Model : TJ-7012LP_800mm, SERVO)

General specs.

Machine range of product

  • Max. Film Width : 700mm (Finished bag width Max.600mm)
  • Patch Handle film Width : Max.150mm
  • Loop handle film width: Max.320mm

Production Capacity

  • Actual production capacity is dependent on the bag size, film thickness, material etc. To maximize production capacity, Good quality, flat/even thickness film is very essential.
  • Estimated production speed is as followings.
    Patch Handle Bag : 50-60bags/min
    Loop Handle Bag : 40-60bags/min
    Machine Speed : Max.100 cycles/min

Air-consumption : ABT.8Hp (Air-compressor is not included)
Electricity power : ABT.12kW
Applicable film : HDPE, LDPE (suitable thickness 35 - 60micron)

Unwinding Unit
  • Single Shaft unwind systems to unwind feel of PE film at a constant tension
  • Single Roll unwinding shaft
  • Roll Size : 500mm(D) x 700mm(W)
  • Shaft for 3"Diameter Paper core
  • Powder Brake & Automatic Tension controller
  • Film exhausting sensor and automatic brake control system
  • E.P.C (Edge Position Controller) for Web-guide control
Top Folding & Bottom guess unit
  • Slitting Knife for opening tube film
  • Continual folding bar : Both side
  • Bottom Gusset bar and rotary plate
  • Guide rollers
1st Dancer Roller Unit
  • Dancer roller is installed to compensate unbalanced feeding length between 2nd feeding and unwinding
  • 800mm width roller
  • Dancer speed control
  • Regulated air loaded dancer arm assembly
  • A.C Drive motor
Longitudenal Sealing Unit
  • After top folding, longitudinal sealing is needed for reinforce fold film
  • Linear shaped sealing heater - 2sets
  • Air-cylinder : 2sets
  • Temp. Controller installed independently
Patch Handle Unit
  • Unwinding Shaft
  • Patch film Feeding : By Air-cylinder
  • Cutting type : Heated flying cutter
  • Sucking & Rotary plate
  • Sealing Bar : 2sets (upper & lower)
Reinforce Sealing Unit
  • Reinforce sealing Heater : Cartridge heater 2sets (Up & Down)
  • Air-cylinder type
  • Temp controller installed
Loop Handle Unit
  • Unwinding shaft: 400MM width
  • Loop film supplying: by Gear
  • Cutting type: Knife cutting by Air-cylinder
  • Loop film holding and transferring to inside of main film: by Gear
  • Loop sealing: Total 4sets (Up&Down, Left and Right)
  • PLC control system
Punching Unit
  • For Patch Handle bag& Die-Cut handle bag
  • Air-cylinder
  • Handle shape : Buyer's choice
  • P.L.C Control System
Main Feeding
  • A.C Servo Drive system feed the film accurately ad desired length to the sealing station
  • Driven by A.C Servo Motor (Mitsubishi brand)
  • Air-Finger bar installed upper & lower
  • Automatic Bag length adjustment : variance +/-0.1mm
  • Mark Sensor installed for sensing sealing position
Main Sealing & Cutting
  • Sealing bar : Cartridge Heating method - 800mm(Side sealing type)
  • Rotary type Silicon roller
  • Out-feeding conveyor installed
  • P.L.C Control
  • Main Motor : A.C 3Hp(Inverter Speed Control)
  • Independent counter via P.L.C Control
  • A.C Drive motor
  • Auto-counter & Buzzer
  • Conveying by Belt