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Quick Details
Machine Type:
Sealing Machine
Bag Type:
T-shirt Bag


Open Bag Making Machine


  1. 3 sets of rubber roller with D.C motor and photocell for infeeding film roll
  2. Double purposed sealing heater (T-shirts bag & open bag)
  3. Elevator for delicate adjustment of bag length
  4. Sealing heater and cutting knife operated by the Main motor through the cam.
  5. 3 sets of mark sensor for printed film
  6. Table for stacking bags

General Specification

Application film

Max. width & length of finished bags (Depending on case)
a) Max.1000mm(L) * 700mm(W) ---1line
b) Max.1000mm(L) * 330mm(W) ---2lines
c) Max.1000mm(L) * 230mm(W) ---3lines

Bag production (Depending on the material, length and thickness)
a) 270bags/min in 3lines (90bags/1 line)

Input power
a) By buyer's request

a) 3900mm(L) x 1287mm(W) x 1840mm(H)

Detailed Specifciaotn

1 Electrical part
a) Main input power : Buyer's request
b) Main motor : 3P 2Hp A.C motor (Korea brand)
c) Main inverter : 1.5kW (Misubishi brand)
d) Driving motor to the infeeding rubber roller : 3sets (1/4Hp D.C motor-Korea brand)

2 Unwinding part
a) Steel shaft for Film roller : 2sets (Steel shaft manual type)
b) Infeeding rubber roller : 3sets (1set is 800mm, 2sets are 350mm)
c) D.C motor to the infeeding rubber roller : 3sets (1/4Hp D.C motor-Korea brand)
d) Photocell to control the film infeeding : 3sets (Korea brand)
e) Detector for discontinuance of film infeeding

3 Sealing & cutting part
a) Mark sensor to detect the printed film : 3sets with control box (Korea brand)
b) Sealing heater operated by the main motor : 1set ( Double purposed for T-shirt & Open bag)
: Driven by Main motor through cam
c) Cutting knife : 1set ( Driven by Main motor through cam)
d) Elevator for adjustment of cutting position : 1set

4 Main feeding part
a) Main feeding rubber roller : 1set (Upper & Lower)
b) Driving unit for feeding rubber part : By clutch bearing & brake

5 Exhausting part
a) Pin heater to fix the finished bags into a bundle : 3sets
b) Guide Bar to push out the bags on the table : 1set (Operated by Air cylinder)
c) Table for stacking : 1set

Exclusions from Taejin Machinery's Supply Scope

  1. Foundation and Installation works and materials.
  2. Remodification and reinforcement of the buildings and/or Fixtures for the installation of equipment.
  3. Seller is free from any resposibility from Items not specified in the estimates and/or Specifications sheet.


  1. 1year warranty after installation
  2. Mechanical & electrical spare parts provided
  3. Fast & kind after-sales service
  4. Allowable fluctuation of the primary voltage is within ±5%
  5. This specification is subject to change without prior notice for improvement